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Helping to give the best start in life to children

O Latinwo – BDJ Team, 2018
… I made up my mind that I would look more into what 'mouth cancer' means and how
I could help prevent such diseases in the future. In 2013, I was privileged to be admitted
into the Eastman Dental Hospital as a student dental nurse …
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[PDF] Tetanus in a Three Day Old Neonatal Male Kid–A Case Report

R Ravi, V Periyasamy, BS Reddy, G Vijayakumar – 2018
… In: Gross, TL et al. Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat … The kid was diagnosed based on
clinical signs such as stiffness of all four limbs, dullness, difficult to open the mouth, pilo
errection, extended and stiff neck, spinal curvature and inability to move …
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Incidence of Candida albicans in Diabetic Patients with a Dental Prosthesis

KSA Pasha, M Rana, SK Mahanta – Journal of Advanced Medical and Dental …, 2018
… following criteria: presence of any disease except type 2 diabetes and its
chronic complication, aggressive periodontitis, presence of diseases or oral
mucosa. No patient in either group had received antibiotics, steroids or …
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Risk Factors and Clinical Outcomes of Head and Neck Cancer in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Nationwide Cohort Study

LHC Nissen, LAAP Derikx, AME Jacobs… – … Bowel Diseases, 2018
… Key Words: inflammatory bowel diseases, head and neck cancer, pharyngeal
carcinoma, oral cavity carcinoma, immunosuppressive therapy … bowel disease.”
These terms were com- bined with search terms for HNC, including “head …
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History of Simulation

NS Alshafai, W Alduais – Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Neurosurgery, 2018
… it was able to breathe; has a heartbeat, temporal and carotid pulse
(synchronized), and blood pressure; opens and closes its mouth; blinks its …
Harvey is capable of simulating a spectrum of cardiac diseases by varying …
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AK Sharma, RP Goswami, M Aleemuddin, N Sood… – 2018
… this specific type of stain is the interaction of negatively charged tooth pellicle
and proteins present in mouth saliva [5] . Mechanism of extrinsic discoloration
are associated with attractive … These stains are caused by Tetracycline staining …
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Human activities and disease transmission: the agriculture case

J Slingenbergh, G Cecchi, M Leneman – Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease …, 2018
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Evaluating Previous Antibiotic Use as a Risk Factor for Acute Gastroenteritis Among Children in Davidson County, Tennessee, 2014–2015

JM Kolsin, BA Lopman, DC Payne, ME Wikswo… – … Infectious Diseases Society, 2018
… Worldwide, diarrheal diseases are a leading cause of pediatric morbidity
and death; 1.5 billion episodes and 1.5 to 2.5 million … also obtained through
parent interviews as a dichotomous variable indicating whether the child …
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Ecological control of schistosomiasis in Sub-Saharan Africa: restoration of predator-prey dynamics to reduce transmission

I Jones, A Lund, G Riveau, N Jouanard, RA Ndione… – Ecology and Evolution of …, 2018
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JM Winterbottom, M King – Reactor Design for Chemical Engineers, 2018
… The standards of containment required in this type of operation (eg for the production
of vaccines against human infectious diseases as well as foot and mouth disease
and rabies) are among the highest in biotechnology. Viruses …
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A Dictionary of Public Health

M Porta – 2018
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[PDF] Colonoscopy as a High Yielding Diagnostic Tool for per Rectumbleeding–An Overview

U Takalkar, K Dodmani, U Kulkarni, B Kumar – Int J Cur Res Rev| Vol, 2018
… GI) bleeding refers to any form of hemor- rhage/blood loss occurring in the
gastrointestinal tract, a pas- sage ranging from mouth to anus … Anorectal
Diseases Chronic recurrent passage of red blood in small amounts is …
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Abrading Balloon Catheter for Extravasated Drug Delivery

LJ Gerrans, EH Gunday – US Patent App. 15/841,183, 2018
… In diagnosing and treating diseases of various body cavities and organs,
it is necessary to deliver diagnostic and/or therapeutic agents to the organs
at specified locations. Most common routes of drug delivery include a …
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A Karabayir, M Ogutcu, N Arifoglu – FEB-FRESENIUS ENVIRONMENTAL BULLETIN, 2018
… During the trial period, no diseases were observed in the quails. TABLE 1 Microbiological
properties of the drinking waters samples … Copper (Cu) 0.002±0.00 B 0.003±0.00 A
0.002-0.6 Higher levels occur bitter taste. It causes lesions in the mouth and gizzard …
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Designing “Living” Evidence Networks for Health Optimisation: Knowledge Extraction of Patient-Relevant Outcomes in Mental Disorders

DCC Poo – Designing for a Digital and Globalized World: 13th …, 2018
… categorical outcomes were proposed for patients with Bipolar Disorder such
avoid side effects (eg, headache, dry mouth, and insomnia … This study, hence,
utilised the wealth of scientific biomedical literature of two major …
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Fisheries of Egyptian Delta Coastal Wetlands; Burullus Wetland Case Study

MT Khalil – 2018
… Moreover, the region at the mouth of the Nasser drain was recorded to be
rich in fish biodiversity; 17 species were found at … 4). This carp is herbivorous,
resistant to diseases, well adapted to live in extreme environmental conditions; …
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Devices and methods for anchoring a sheath in a tissue cavity

LEE Jan, JW Etter – US Patent App. 15/798,094, 2018
… Proximal in the bowel is defined as higher up in the GI tract towards the mouth,
distal in the bowel is defined as lower … These include: 1) treatment of an
anastomotic leak after it has occurred, 2) diverticulitis, 3) inflammatory bowel …
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A holistic approach to factors affecting depression in haemodialysis patients

G Gerogianni, A Kouzoupis, E Grapsa – International Urology and Nephrology, 2018
… Carayanni et al. [106] found that women of an increased age, with co-morbid
diseases and low economic status … However, it is difficult for these people
to follow the multiple drug therapy due to its side effects, such as arrhythmias …
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Analyte Detection with Magnetic Sensors

SX Wang, SJ Osterfeld, H Yu, N Pourmand, RL White – US Patent App. 15/831,219, 2018
… Particular diseases or disease states that may be detected by the subject
methods, systems and kits include, but are not limited to … gastrointestinal
infections, such as but not limited to, aseptic meningitis, botulism, cholera …
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'The Gloom of Anxiety': Fear in the Long Eighteenth Century

A Ingram, C Lawlor – Fear in the Medical and Literary Imagination, Medieval …, 2018
… William Forster declares in A Treatise on the Causes of Most Diseases, in
1745, that 'the depressing Passions, such as Terror and Grief, will bring … Pope
and others which are distinguished for their beauty, but also from, for example …
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